Jim Kirschvink, USFS Lands Specialist

White River National Forest, Colorado | Lands Specialist, USFS | http://www.fs.fed.us

I have been working with Tom on various projects for about the last six years.  His good humor, utter professionalism, high sense of values and integrity make him a pleasure to work with.  Getting the federal government to process applications can be a long, drawn out process.  Some of the simplest of projects can take years.  I admire Tom for his patience in plowing through brick walls of red tape, and always keeping his head about him.  I’ve never seen Tom get upset, even when a normal person would have blown his stack long ago.  He has always been willing to modify plans and projects to maintain a proper balance between public and private concerns and maintaining the esthetics of our public lands. I highly recommend his talents in project planning.  This is a personal opinion based on interactions with numerous projects.