Tom Newland was instrumental in the planning, permitting and ultimately the approval process of our home in Pitkin County. Development in Pitkin County is an arduous process even with an expert who has your back. Tom’s knowledge and integrity was crucial during this process. We highly recommend Tom to anyone who is planning to develop property in or around Pitkin County.

Celia and Cornelius Dupre, Homeowners - Pitkin County, CO

Jim Kirschvink, USFS Lands Specialist

I have been working with Tom on various projects for about the last six years.  His good humor, utter professionalism, high sense of values and integrity make him a pleasure to work with.  Getting the federal government to process applications can be a long, drawn out process.  Some of the simplest of projects can take years.  I admire Tom for his patience in plowing through brick walls of red tape, and always keeping his head about him.  I’ve never seen Tom get upset, even when a normal person would have blown his stack long ago.  He has always been willing to modify plans and projects to maintain a proper balance between public and private concerns and maintaining the esthetics of our public lands. I highly recommend his talents in project planning.  This is a personal opinion based on interactions with numerous projects.

Jim Kirschvink, USFS Lands Specialist - White River National Forest, Colorado

Joseph Elsen, CDOT Program Engineer

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) would like to commend you and your staff for excellent effort and positive results on the State Highway 82, Grand Avenue Bridge project.

This project was initiated in November of 2011, and Newland Resources has been a very key Study Team member in the middle of “one-on-one contact” with approximately 3,000 stakeholders through an array of outreach activities.

  • 5 Grand Avenue Bridge Public Open Houses (an average of 90 attended each).
  • 10 Grand Avenue Bridge Stakeholder Working Group Workshops (average of 30 attended each).
  • 2 open houses held jointly with the DDA and CDOT.
  • 2 open forums hosted by the Glenwood Springs Chamber.
  • Meetings with more than 30 business owners in the study area.
  • One-on-one meetings with more than 35 individual stakeholders.
  • 30 meetings and workshops with elected and public officials.
  • 8 event displays, plus 2012 and 2013 Strawberry Days and weekly Downtown Farmers Markets.
  • 20 civic and community group meetings.
  • 13 meetings with City of Glenwood Springs staff and emergency service providers.

Additionally, updated project information has been published in several media outlets. This has resulted in letters, emails, and phone calls with ideas, suggestions, and opinions about the process and the alternatives; several ideas have shaped the options and alternatives.

This has been an extremely challenging project with many constraints, and Newland Resources has done an outstanding job of making sure that we are engaging stakeholders effectively and efficiently.

I recommend you and your team to any owner that values professional knowledge, practical solutions and a common sense-based approach.

Joseph Elsen, CDOT Program Engineer - Glenwood Springs, CO

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